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4. Data Discovery

Following the Driver Tree Workshop, the organization should secure the data necessary to validate the P2P driver tree, report on progress, and perform necessary analytics and predictive modeling.  Key activities during this phase include:

  • Finalizing a data dictionary (see example below), with metric definitions and authoritative source data 
  • Securing appropriate data access for analysts
  • Validating cause-and-effect relationships of drivers to outcome metrics
  • Developing a baseline of historical trends and current performance
  • Creating a forward-looking view of performance, with key levers to improve future trends
Please see an example of a Data Dictionary below:


Metric Name


Data Owner

Data Source

Data Status


1 Schedule Adherence Percentage of CNO avails completing on-time. On-time is defined as completing the availability within the duration stated in the A-30 Ready to Start (RTS) letter or Rebaseline. CNRMC Navy Data Environment Substaintial N/A
2 Workload Demand vs Past Performance CNO Maintenance daily workload during execution / CNO Maintenance daily workload 3-9 months prior. (NOTE: Measured quarterly as a rollup of all ships: Metric analyssis provided by CNA.) CNRMC Navy Data Environment Substaintial Significant