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P2P 101

Deep dive of key P2P concepts including Vision, Core Tenets, Principles, and Performance Improvement Methods 
P2P Vision
P2P is a mindset to accelerate Navy performance improvement, through data-driven decision-making and the rigorous application of common-sense business insights and practices.
Core Tenets of P2P

The core tenets of P2P help drive the positive, problem-solving culture necessary to achieve Navy’s performance objectives:


Improve understanding of key information, “embracing the red” to solve challenges through teaming


Empower a single individual who is accountable and responsible for achieving clearly defined outcomes and elevating performance barriers when necessary

Accelerated Learning 

Learn from data to close performance gaps, and then drive this knowledge across the Navy to create continuous performance improvement

Data Driven Decisions

Make decisions with timely, accurate, and credible information
Key Principles

The P2P process centers on a forward-looking, data-driven performance plan – looking ahead to where performance will be in the future, and then taking high-leverage actions to improve results. To accomplish this, P2P leverages three key principles:


A driver-based performance management (DBPM) method involves using performance metrics and cause-and-effect relationships to determine the highest-leverage drivers and predict future performance

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Command and control (C2) alignment, which defines the single, accountable leader for desired outcomes, and then supports that leader to achieve success

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Barrier removal, with a forum where challenges are identified, and high-leverage drivers are swarmed to improve performance and drive learning

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Performance Improvement Methods

In support of P2P, the Navy Performance Improvement Educational Resource (NPIER) provides proven, common-sense problem-solving techniques to help process and system owners throughout the Navy identify and resolve performance challenges. These methods focus on identifying the root cause of problems, reducing complexity and inefficiency, and developing straightforward, measurable solutions to improve performance. Please see the NPIER page for more information.

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