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How to Apply NPIER

The problem-solving methods within NPIER are organized into the 5 categories of the DMAIC approach. When addressing an operational issue, one method (at minimum) within each category should be utilized to successfully implement the DMAIC approach.

How to start an NPIER Project:

1. Identify the project goal, the problem to solve, or the opportunity to pursue.
      What are the specific problems your team is experiencing?

2. Determine the scope of the project (What is in vs. out of scope).

3. Complete the problem Statement document and Project Viability matrix.

4. Determine the core team for the project. This should be key stakeholders to the process that can speak to the inputs and outputs of the process.
Expectation: The core team will devote 3-4 hours per week in working sessions/meetings dedicated to the NPIER effort.

5. Gather existing documentation related to the current process and share with the NPIER team (I.e. manuals, policy documents, current state process maps, etc.).

6. Identify and document current initiatives in-flight to address the problem and known issues and challenges associated to the current process.


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