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What is NPIER

NPIER is the Navy Performance Improvement Educational Resource

NPIER is the Navy Performance Improvement Educational Resource.  The NPIER Playbook provides various performance improvement methodologies that are ready for use. A link to the document can be found under the document repository. 
NPIER outlines how to apply common sense methods to Navy problem sets that do not require the use of big data and advanced analytical techniques. It is a key element of the P2P approach to address operational challenges within the Navy enterprise.

DMAIC Approach 

NPIER uses the DMAIC approach to solve problems.
DMAIC is a data-driven improvement cycle to methodically identify inefficiencies within problem areas, with the goal of improving, optimizing, or stabilizing an existing process. 

To learn more information about the steps of the DMAIC approach, click here.
If you have any questions about the NPIER process, please contact us.