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Get Real Get Better: A Message to Navy Leaders

Secretary of the Navy Hon. Carlos Del Toro, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday, and leaders across the Navy discuss the Get Real Get Better call to action, a set of Navy-proven leadership and problem solving best practices that empower Navy personnel to achieve exceptional performance... View Video* *CAC required

Chief of Naval Operations Releases Navigation Plan 2022

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Mike Gilday released Navigation Plan 2022 to the Fleet, July 26. Building on last year’s priorities of Sailors, Readiness, Capabilities, and Capacity, Gilday emphasizes the need to deliver a Navy that is postured globally, combat credible, and partnership focused every day. The new guidance further reiterates Gilday’s 'Get Real, Get Better' call to action, reminding leaders they need to consistently self-assess and self-correct in order to create a culture of learning and continuous improvement. Full Document | One-Pager

[Former] Vice Chief of Naval Operations Talks “Get Real, Get Better” During Latest SGL at NPS
By MC2 James Norket , Naval Postgraduate School | May 23, 2022

[Former] Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. William Lescher spoke to Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) students, faculty and staff about the Navy’s “Get Real, Get Better” initiative and how the Navy plans to stay ahead in today’s era of strategic competition during the latest Secretary of the Navy Guest Lecture (SGL), May 4... More

Navy’s data-driven approach to sustainment finds huge room for improvement in ship maintenance
By Jared Serbu, Federal News Network | June 23, 2022

The Navy is taking several steps to shorten the time it takes to get its vessels in and out of maintenance at its shipyards, including with a huge, multiyear and multibillion dollar program to modernize the yards’ outdated infrastructure....In the year-and-a-half [Naval Supply Systems Command] NAVSUP has been working on [Naval Sustainment System-Supply] NSS-S, the parts availability rate has improved noticeably, to 37%. The objective by the end of the five-year project is 100%, though [Rear Adm. Peter] Stamatopolous acknowledged that’s a stretch goal...More

Former VCNO Interviewed by Industry Leaders

During a fireside chat with industry leaders in late 2021, former Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Bill Lescher, shared the Navy's journey in adopting a Lean mindset from his starting interest to the challenges and benefits...View Video* (*requires Navy Flank Speed access and CAC*)


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